Supported PHYs

All LinkLayers use a common Ethernet PHY library, which means that all of the following PHY types are equally supported by all LinkLayers. The built-in generic PHY driver handles all other PHYs not listed here.

Supported PHY ID’s

  • PHY_ID_AM79C874 AMD Am79C874 NetPHY-1LP

  • PHY_ID_AR8031 Qualcomm Atheros AR8031

  • PHY_ID_AR8035 Qualcomm Atheros AR8035

  • PHY_ID_DP83640 Texas Instruments DP83640

  • PHY_ID_DP83867 Texas Instruments DP83867

  • PHY_ID_KSZ8041 Microchip KSZ8041

  • PHY_ID_KSZ8051 Microchip KSZ8051

  • PHY_ID_KSZ8061RN Microchip KSZ8061RN

  • PHY_ID_KSZ8081 Microchip KSZ8081

  • PHY_ID_KSZ9021 Microchip KSZ9021

  • PHY_ID_KSZ9031 Microchip KSZ9031

  • PHY_ID_KSZ9131 Microchip KSZ9131

  • PHY_ID_LAN8700 Microchip LAN8700

  • PHY_ID_LAN8720 Microchip LAN8720

  • PHY_ID_M88E1510 MARVELL 88E1510

  • PHY_ID_RTL8211B Realtek RTL8211N

  • PHY_ID_RTL8111H Realtek RTL8111H

  • PHY_ID_TLK1XX Texas Instruments TLK1xx

  • PHY_ID_YT8511 Motorcomm YT8511

  • PHY_ID_YT8521 Motorcomm YT8521

  • PHY_ID_YT8531 Motorcomm YT8531

  • PHY_ID_GENERIC Generic PHY driver