1. Step by Step Host and Target Configuration with System Manager and Shell Scripts

1.1. Introduction

It is recommended to carry out the steps in the order described so that you get the remote debugging running. Steps, which are marked with <optional>, can be skipped.


The steps are grouped in parts A-E over host and target. Each part depends on the previous part!

On the development PC our classic EC-Win(RTOS-32) is used. On the hypervisor the steps must be done by the shell and/or supplied shell scripts.

1.2. Default values:

This tutorial assumes the following default values. Adjust it accordinly to your needs on the places of occurence.

  • $Target_HV_IP$ = - IP address of hypervisor network adapter and of the bridge.

  • $Target_IP$ = - Remote IP address of the RTOS part.

  • \\\debug - Default network share (adjust share name 'debug' at /etc/samba/smb.conf if needed)

  • enp2s0 default name of the hypervisor network adapter.

1.3. Prerequisites

  • EC-Win(RTOS-32) 7.1 or newer

  • acontis Hypervisor package

  • Development PC

  • Target PC/IPC

  • Visual Studio (2005-2019) with C/C++ workload

On Development PC: Visual Studio + EC-Win(RTOS-32)

On Target PC/IPC: installed acontis Hypervisor package