3. Part B - Hypervisor Target Configuration

The following shell scripts are available on the hypervisor to setup and establish a remote debug connection:

  • /hv/rtos-32/realtimedemo-debug.sh starts debug monitor that awaits requests from a remote debugger on a Windows machine with installed EC-Win(RTOS-32), Visual Studio, and RTE Visual Studio Plugin.

  • /hv/hvctl/brvnetset.sh` creates a virtual network bridge on Linux host to forward debugger TCP/IP/UDP packets from LAN1 to RTOS-32 VM. It is required to start this script if you need to perform remote debugging of a RTOS-32 app from another machine.

  • /hv/hvctl/brvnetclr.sh deletes bridge, after the RTOS-32 VM has been stopped.

  • /hv/hvctl/brvnetconfig.sh contains the configuration values for the bridge. This file must be edit to adjust at least the $IP$ address.


The files are supplied in default state. At least /hv/hvctl/brvnetconfig.sh needs adjustments.


See chapter “Bridge virtual and physical network” in the Hypervisor manual for details how to configure the bridge.