5. Part D - Hypervisor Target Configuration

Start RTOS-32 Debug Monitor:

cd /hv/rtos-32
sudo ./realtimedemo-debug.sh

The realtimedemo-debug.sh will automatically starts the output console dbgcon.sh.

The output of the RTOS-32 Debug Monitor should be similar to that:

 RTTarget-32 Debug Monitor 6.23 Evaluation Version
 Copyright (c) 1996,2021 On Time Informatik GmbH

 Monitor Header at: 04037A3C, Current CPL: 0
 Ethernet: RTOS32Win VNet, MAC: AA-BB-CC-DD-EE-03, IP:

If the aforementioned information isn’t shown, start the output console dbgcon.sh manually to get the RTOS-32 Debug Monitor output.

cd /hv/rtos-32

Open new shell (right click on desktop and select ‘Open Terminal here’ or press CRTL + ALT + T)

Create bridged network connection:

cd /hv/hvctl
sudo ./brvnetset.sh

Output of successful bridge creation:

rtv@rtv-TEST:/hv/hvctl$ sudo ./brvnetset.sh
[sudo] password for rtv:
load vnet bridge configuration
add enp2s0 and vnet0 to bridge vnetbr
bridge name bridge id           STP enabled interfaces
vnetbr      8000.0060c8000000   no          enp2s0
ifconfig vnetbr netmask
ip route add default via
RTNETLINK answers: No such process


Remove bridged network connection after debugging!

cd /hv/hvctl
sudo ./brvnetclr.sh


See chapter “Bridge virtual and physical network” in the Hypervisor manual for details how to configure the bridge.