8. Customization

8.1. Multi-Language-Support

EC-Inspector supports multiple languages, which can be changed at runtime. Adding support for further lanuages is quite easy because it is just a simple XML file which must be added to the kit.

All language files are stored in: "%ProgramFiles%/acontis_technologies/EC-Inspector/Languages/...

EC-Inspector has also full UNICODE support, which means that it is also possible to support Asian languages:

8.2. Themes

EC-Inspector supports multiple themes, which can be changed during compile time. Adding support for further themes is quite easy because a theme consists of a couple of XAML files which must be added to the kit.

Five themes are already included into EC-Inspector:

IG Theme
Office 2010 Blue Theme
Office 2007 Black Theme
Office 2007 Sliver Theme
Luna Theme