10. FAQ, Tips

10.1. Help in case of a problem

If you have a problem with EC-Inspector or something does not run as expected, please try first the following things:

  • Read messages in message window

  • Increase message level Menu ‣ Settings ‣ All Messages

  • Read log file for more information Menu ‣ Help ‣ Show ‣ Log ‣File

  • Restart EC-Inspector and try to do it again

  • Contact support by sending a mail to ecsupport@acontis.com and attach the following information
    • Project file .eci

    • EC-Inspector Version Menu ‣ Help ‣ About

    • Log file Menu ‣ Help ‣ Show Log File

    • Short description how the reproduce it

10.2. Shortcuts

EC-Inspector supports shortcuts for the most commonly used actions, like:

  • Ctrl + N: Create new project

  • Ctrl + O: Open project

  • Ctrl + S: Save project

  • Alt + F4: Exit program

10.3. FAQ

Solutions for possible problems:

  • EC-Inspector reports a message with ErrCode: 0x…

    Error Codes sent directly from the EC-Monitor. If you want to know what to know how to solve this problem, please refer the manual of EC-Monitor.

  • Connect to local system is not possible

    Is Npcap / NDIS installed?

    Is at least one network adapter installed?

  • Permanent fram loss while monitoring TwinCAT

    Please try with Npcap instead of NDIS driver

  • WebAdmin in Dongle-Version shows page not found, what can I do?

    You have to download and install the Code Meter Runtime from WIBU https://www.wibu.com/