1. Synchronization with Distributed Clocks (DC)

DC clock synchronization enables all EtherCAT devices (master and slaves) to share the same EtherCAT System Time.

A “DC-slave” is defined as slave who shall be synchronized by means of distributed clocks. During network start-up several steps have to be performed by the EC-Master to set-up a consistent time base in all DC-slaves:

  • Initial propagation delay measurement and compensation (ETG.8000)

  • Offset compensation (ETG.8000)

  • Set start time (ETG.8000)

  • After network start-up: continuous drift compensation (ETG.8000)

  • The Master must synchronize itself on the reference clock (ETG.1020) -> DCM


  • ETG.1000.3 and ETG.1000.4

  • ETG.1020 -> Synchronization

  • ETG.8000 -> Distributed Clocks