8. Application programming interface, reference

Function prototypes, definitions etc. of the API can be found in the header file EcMonitor.h which is the main header file to include when using EC-Monitor.

Fundamental types

typedef void *EC_T_PVOID

Pointer of type void

typedef int EC_T_BOOL


typedef char EC_T_CHAR

Character, 8 bit

typedef unsigned short EC_T_WCHAR

Wide-character, 16 bit

typedef unsigned char EC_T_BYTE

Byte, unsigned integer 8 bit

typedef unsigned char *EC_T_PBYTE

Pointer of type EC_T_BYTE

typedef unsigned short EC_T_WORD

Word, unsigned integer 16 bit

typedef unsigned int EC_T_DWORD

Double word, unsigned integer 32 bit

typedef signed char EC_T_SBYTE

Signed-Byte, signed integer 8 bit

typedef signed short EC_T_SWORD

Signed-Word, signed integer 16 bit

typedef signed int EC_T_SDWORD

Signed-Double-Word, signed integer 32 bit

typedef int EC_T_INT


typedef unsigned int EC_T_UINT


typedef short EC_T_SHORT


typedef unsigned short EC_T_USHORT


typedef float EC_T_REAL

Real, floating point

typedef double EC_T_LREAL

long Real, floating point

typedef unsigned long long EC_T_UINT64

Unsigned integer 64 bits

typedef signed long long EC_T_INT64

Signed integer 64 bits


Void type