6.4. Microsoft Windows

6.4.1. EcMonitorDemo

  1. Install EC-Monitor

    Run setup.exe from EC-Monitor package, which will guide you through the installation process.

  2. Determine the network interface

    For example the option -winpcap 1 will be using the network adapter card with the IP address

  3. Insert a TAP device after the Master Controller to capture the EtherCAT traffic and start the EtherCAT master

  4. Run the example application

    Execute <InstallPath>/Bin/Windows/<Arch>/EcMonitorDemo.exe. At least a Link Layer option has to be given.

    EcMonitorDemo -winpcap 1 -f eni.xml

See also

Running EcMonitorDemo for a detailed description of the demo application.

6.4.2. OS Compiler settings

Besides the general settings from Compiling the EcMonitorDemo the following settings are necessary to build the example application for Windows:

Library path:
  • <InstallPath>/SDK/LIB/Windows/<Arch>

Include path:
  • <InstallPath>/SDK/INC/Windows