5.7. DW3504 - emllDW3504

The parameters to the Synopsys DesignWare 3504-0 Universal 10/100/1000 Ethernet MAC (DW3504) Link Layer are setup-specific. The function CreateLinkParmsFromCmdLineDW3504() in EcSelectLinkLayer.cpp demonstrates how to initialize the Link Layer instance.

Public Members

Common link parameters. Signature must be set to EC_LINK_PARMS_SIGNATURE_DW3504

PHY address

Physical base address of register block (8k)

System on Chip type

PHY connection type

Use buffers from DMA (EC_FALSE) or from heap for receive. AllocSend is not supported, when EC_TRUE

Transmit DMA descriptor buffer count. Must be a power of 2, maximum 256

Receive DMA descriptor buffer count. Must be a power of 2, maximum 256

Default use of CacheSync EC_FALSE, Don’t call CacheSync on older systems EC_TRUE

Use PhyLib instead of Legacy PHY handling for eDW3504_CycloneV, eDW3504_LCES1 or eDW3504_RZN1, for all others the PhyLib is mandatory

enum EC_T_DW3504_TYPE


enumerator eDW3504_CycloneV

MAC on Cyclone V SoC

enumerator eDW3504_LCES1


enumerator eDW3504_RZN1

MAC on Renesas RZN1

enumerator eDW3504_STM32MP15x

MAC on STM32MP15x

enumerator eDW3504_ATOM

MAC on Atom 6000

enumerator eDW3504_STM32MP13x

MAC on STM32MP13x

enumerator eDW3504_RK3328

MAC on Rockchip 3328 Rock64

enumerator eDW3504_RK3399

MAC on Rockchip 3399 Orange Pi 4

enumerator eDW3504_RK3588S

MAC on Rockchip 3588s Orange Pi 5

enumerator eDW3504_RK3568

MAC on Rockchip 3568 Radxa Rock3 a