5.21. Windows TAP - emllTap

The parameters to the Windows TAP Link Layer are setup-specific. The function CreateLinkParmsFromCmdLineTap() in EcSelectLinkLayer.cpp demonstrates how to initialize the Link Layer instance.

Public Members

Common link parameters. Signature must be set to EC_LINK_PARMS_SIGNATURE_TAP

Native tap device name, e.g. “tap0” (zero terminated)

GUID of virtual interface to connect (zero terminated)

MAC address

Frame buffer count for IST

The adapter must be manually installed as described in the OpenVPN’s Windows TAP-driver manual, see https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/GettingTapWindows .

While EC-Simulator is connected to the adapter using emllTap, the Master can use it with e.g. emllNdis.