4.1. tenAsys INtime

Optimized Link Layers are available for INtime. If using INtime with Windows running in parallel on the same host the network adapter card has to be assigned to INtime The network adapters should be passed to INtime using the “INtime Device Manager”. Please refer to the INtime user manual for this.

Search locations for Optimized Link Layers can be adjusted using the PATH environment variable

4.1.1. Setting up and running EcSimulatorHilDemo

The file EcSimulatorHilDemo.rta has to be executed. The full path and file name of the configuration file has to be given as a command line parameter as well as the appropriate Link Layer. To start the application from the command prompt, enter following commands:

nodemgr start NodeA
sleep 5
piperta.exe -node NodeA -stderr EcSimulatorHilDemo.rta -i8254x 1 0 -f exi.xml

4.1.2. OS Compiler settings

The following settings are necessary to build the example application for INtime.

Extra include paths
Extra source paths
Extra library paths to the main EtherCAT components