5.25. Texas Instruments CPSWG for AM6x and Jacinto 7 based on Enet LLD - emllTiEnetCpswg

The parameters to the TiEnetCpswg Link Layer are setup-specific. The function CreateLinkParmsFromCmdLineTiEnetIcssg() in EcSelectLinkLayer.cpp demonstrates how to initialize the Link Layer instance.

Public Members

Common link parameters. Signature must be set to EC_LINK_PARMS_SIGNATURE_TIENETCPSWG

EC_TRUE: Initialize MAC

5.25.1. TI J784S4X EVM

Support for TiEnetCpswg on J784s4 is currently limited to TI J784S4X EVM with FreeRTOS in polling mode. It’s working with ti-processor-sdk-rtos-j784s4-evm-08_06_01_03.