4.9.1. Setting up and running EcMasterDemo Prerequisites, basic settings: TI SDK RTOS v4.02 for AM335x/AM437x/AM57x

Make sure your Code Composer Studio uses correct versions of SYS/BIOS, XDCtools and PDK. For TI SDK 4.02 corresponding versions are:

  • XDCtools: 3.50.3_33_core

  • PDK 1.0.9


Ensure environment variable PDK_INSTALL_PATH is pointing to the installed root directory of SDK. Eg: For AM572x demo project, PDK_INSTALL_PATH=C:/ti/pdk_am57xx_1_0_9/packages TI SDK RTOS for AM654x

At lease Version 9 of the Code Composer Studio is needed and together with the TI Processor SDK-rtos for am65xxevm Version this lead to the packages:

  • XDCtools: 3.61.3_29_core

  • PDK


Ensure environment variable PDK_INSTALL_PATH is pointing to the installed root directory of SDK. For AM654x demo project, PDK_INSTALL_PATH=C:/ti/pdk_am65xx_07_01_00_55/packages How to create the demo applications

  1. Create ENI file for EtherCAT configuration.

    xxd.exe is capable of converting ENI files to a C file as array, e.g. “xxd.exe -i eni.xml ENI.c”. Replace MasterENI.c file with the generated one

  2. On TI RTOS the EcMasterDemo can run with either CPSW or ICSS link layer.

    Eg: AM572x with ICSS link layer

    Workspace/SYSBIOS_AM57x in Code Composer Studio and import all projects from this directory:

    • EcMaster

    • emllICSS

    • EcMasterDemoICSS or

    • EcMasterDemoDcICSS

    Hardcoded parameters for the demo can be changed using DEMO_PARAMETERS definition. How to run the EC-Master demo applications

  • The compiled .out application files of the demo can be uploaded to the device via JTAG debugger from Code Composer Studio Debugger.

  • The SD Card bootable demo binary is generated as an APP file from post build script calling pdkAppImageCreate.bat from the PSDK package. How to run the EC-Master motion demo application

  1. Create an appropriate ENI file as en EcMasterDemo with the xxd.exe tool

    The DC configuration has to be done appropriately, please see the EtherCAT general documentation and EC-Master manuals for details

  2. Create an appropriate motion demo configuration file and copy it into the config directory of the project

    See example in Examples/EcMasterDemoMotion/Config/DemoConfig.xml See additional info in: Examples/EcMasterDemoMotion/readme.txt

  3. Convert DemoConfig.xml to C file DemoConfig.c as array.

  4. Build the Project and download it to target Processor.

  5. The demo logging is done over UART.

4.9.2. OS Compiler settings

Besides the general settings from Compiling the EcMasterDemo the following settings are necessary to build the example application for TI-RTOS.

Extra include paths
Extra source paths
Extra library paths to the main EtherCAT components